…Returning With Five.

The much anticipated and fully planned day has finally arrived. I left the house with Bella and Smoochie is tow but and heading home with them as well as our newest addition and two sweet girls for some socialization.

It all started with me sharing the amazing skills of Alexis and Hope in the lead-breaking department. They are both very patient and diligent when training young pups, so much so that Smoochie and Spike were walking in a matter of hours. The master plan was derived quickly – The girls can help train and socialize other’s pups! So on the trip home from Vicky’s came Kara and Raina for the girls to work with.

Our newest addition Beamer was also bundled up for the ride and I cannot tell you how excited we have been about his arrival! He is out of Eve and Thor, a Huggie brother. He is tiny like his mommy Eve and has the amazing temperament of his daddy Thor and markings of his uncle Huggie. The PERFECT combination!

All of the pups – young and old – did fabulous together while we humans caught up and visited for the afternoon. I can see they will all do splendidly at our house too!

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