Smoochie Teething on a TowelSmoochie is completely infatuated with small pieces of fabric. She pulls dirty socks and dish towels out of the hamper in our laundry room constantly. I also noticed the corners of the toss pillows on my couch have been chewed off. We are on constant Smoochie Chew Watch, to see what she has gotten her teeth into next.

Today I looked down and saw she had a wash cloth and it was very obvious the poor baby is teething! Bella wants to play tug-o-war in a major way but the Smooch will claim her teething item and relieve her sore gums. I have pulled out the hard puppy chew toys and planted them all around the room but she still leans towards the softer items. Time to teach and takeaway! Maybe some soft stuffed puppy toys will do the trick?

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