With my daughter lead breaking Spike so quickly, I challenged her to work her magic on the girls and wouldn’t you know it, the challenge was accepted!

I have been so bad and really should have had a lead on Bella months ago. Being so wrapped up in the camper renovation project, I totally dropped the ball. If we have any chance of showing her at the Specialty in June, it’s best to get her walking on the lead! And Smoochie? Well, she is Alexis’ pet-project, sharing her interest in showing her not only in Juniors but also in Breed! Soooo – Both girls were going to be worked with today.

Today’s bait of choice was American Cheese slices! We usually use lunch meat with young pups but the cheese will do the trick too. Getting down on their level with the bait is the key, allowing them to walk towards the bait and get a taste. Once they realize what a treat it is, you can generally get them to take little steps from the get-go. Smoochie was a very quick study and walked around the cul-de-sac following the cheese. She only walks to the bait but that’s not too bad for her first go.

Bella on the other hand, was not too keen on the lead around her neck. She pulled the “statue” for quite a while, eventually taking a few steps, reluctantly of course. It looks like I may need to take this project on since she will be my pet-project. I would hate to see Alexis get frustrated in Bella’s lack of desire to walk. So I will take over the stubborn one and she will take over the happy-go-lucky cheese lover!

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