Dear hubby has been put to work this weekend, helping me tweak and reconfigure as I start to put the toy hauler back together and get the contents of our “second home” out of our house. We still have a major job ahead of us to repair some water damage to the bedroom created by an iddy-bitty hole from a branch that landed on the roof during a storm. After that repair is complete, I get to lay the new flooring. Since it may be a while before I can work on that, I thought I would share a couple of sneak-peek photos of the remodel so far. Sometimes the fine details make the project and I think that is so in this case. I finally got to hang some of my doggy-inspired artwork – What ya think?

And I was able to get my awesome futon find into the camper! Upholstery fabric does not do well with dogs because keeping it clean is next to impossible. Now add upholstery fabric to a camper and boy do you have a mess! So faux-leather was the only way to go as far as I was concerned. Futons are not known for extreme comfort, especially for sleeping, but they would be 100 times better than those factory installed jack-knife couches!

In case you ever wondered how they try to keep those suckers light-weight, ripping them out gave us the opportunity to take a look inside. Plastic tie-downs are strapped around the steel frame to keep the foam in place! CRAZY! And with an active family that had bottoms bust within a couple of years, this shoddy constructions makes a lot more sense as to how it happened.



I started perusing the local Craig’s List ads for futons and voila! The deal of the Century! I got this white futon for $50.00!  A shopping trip to Ross brought the clearance, $16.00 storage ottoman into our lives and the pillows were on clearance at Burlington for $12.00 for two! I suppose I should share, to date, I am just under $1000.00 in my total reno project so far. And when it comes to replacing the jackknife couches with futons the weight is considerably less and must more practical. So with that being said, I am one proud, remodel momma!


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