An amazing opportunity presented itself, allowing for Alexis to branch out and explore the dog showing world with a new breed. We have been searching for a breed with more substance yet small enough to tolerate being surrounded by a pack of Chihuahuas. Our sweet Teddy has been wonderful for her to use in Juniors but he is getting up there in age and he has earned the chance to retire from the show circuit. Our dream was to find a finished Champion for her to use in Junior Showmanship since that is what all Juniors bring into the ring. Personally, I think that defeats the whole concept of Junior Showmanship but to have a fighting chance to win, she has to have the equivalent to compete! So, our second favorite breed ever was the focus of our search; We have been on the look out for a young Champion Pug!

All of the stars aligned and we were blessed to have met Rayna with Chiquota Kennels ringside over the weekend in Elkton, where all of the amazing magic happened! There are no local show Pug breeders and very rarely have I ever seen more than five in the ring at a show so to run into her appeared to be a major sign. History was made that Sunday morning along with an amazing agreement. We will be welcoming Boomer, a 4 year old Champion Pug into our family next month. The excitement has been hard to contain for all of us!

It's A Whole New Day!
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