Conformation classes from the Orlando Dog Training Club are finally back in session. The Fairgrounds have not been available to them since back around Christmas and boy oh boy have we missed our classes! Granted, so much has changed in our program since back in December, but it sure was nice to get back into the swing of class.

I have several pups that need some exposure to the show ring (Bella, Smoochie and even Beamer) and of course, my daughter needs some one-on-one lessons on showing a Pug. Since Boomer won’t arrive for a few more weeks, I thought we would pack up Beamer for tonight’s class and see if Mary-Lyn can give Alexis some pointers on how to get his rear-end up while he is stack on the table or even self stacking!

Being the first class after the very long break, class was PACKED. One-on-one tips were far and few between but it was still a good way to expose Beamer to the sights and sounds of one of the most troublesome show site buildings in Central Florida. There are a lot of echoes and vibrations front he metal building and the fans that blow right into the ring also freak out the dogs. Especially Chihuahuas. So all in all it was a good night for all.

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