We have never gone to the Wednesday night conformation classes. This year, they have changed up the schedule a bit with Tuesday’s classes being held at 7 pm and Wednesday’s at 8 pm. Wednesday classes have always been smaller, so I hoped we could get Smoochie a bit of one-on-one experience. All I can say is I watched our somewhat reserved little one become terrified and nippy in less than 5 minutes.

Tonight’s class had NO other toy breeds – That was the first mistake. A 5 month old Chihuahua in a ring with dogs 300% bigger than her didn’t start out the evening well. I could see her become a bit panicked. Then to ask her to walk on the floor with all of these huge dogs? She slammed on the breaks! Instead of coaxing her with bait and patience, Alexis tugged as not to be left behind in the group. Hope came to tonight’s class and the chance to hang with a friend was more of the focus, not exactly understanding that she has a tender puppy on the end of the lead. Needless to say, we now have a spooked little girl on our hands that we will have to spend some time trying to heal and correct.

Maria was so sweet to try to help us make the experience a more positive one for Smoochie – Even AFTER she tried to take off her finger while on the table. From here on out, I will be bringing her to every event I attend and passing her off to anyone and everyone. She has got to used to strangers! And then we can attempt the ring again. Kristie even offered fro us to bring Smoochie up to the salon for some socialization – An offer I think we will not refuse. Thank you Kristie!

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