Our Dogs Love the Liver BiscuitsMy daughter has been trying to come up with ideas on things that she can make to add to the Figgy Chi Gear Store. Since she loves to cook with her dad, the request to give homemade dog biscuits a go was granted.

A liver and cottage cheese bait biscuit recipe was discovered and a trip to Publix was planned for this morning. With no real bakers in the family, it was quite entertaining to see our instinctual chef try to follow a baking recipe. Alexis was actually quiet the natural and took to the process rather quickly.

Our Dogs Love the Liver BiscuitsThe results? Some absolutely amazing biscuits that the dogs drooled over while they were baking. Once they were out of the over and cooled, she was like the pied piper with a handful of bait. The Chihuahuas have spoken – Liver Biscuits RULE!

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