I know, I know! I must apologize for the major delays in Chi Gear updates. I have been meaning to dig out the craft table for months – honest! Life and well, more life has gotten in the way but it’s time to pull it all out and  fully commit! That’s what I did this week.

So far I have six new harnesses is all sizes complete and I have a few more to go. I went with fun and fashionable colors and patterns. I have also found some new ideas that I hope to have added to the store soon. A new harness dress design as well as a collared harness for the boys. In addition to the harnesses, the girls have been sharing their ideas as well as their creative talents to bring all new products to our Figgy Gear Collection.

Making Collar Bow Ties and Fabric FLowersToday’s project is what I will call “Collar Garnishes” Fun and funky bow ties and fabric flowers that can be attached to your dog’s collar. I found these rolls of quilting fabrics is such fun chevron patterns. I love the array of colors! I hope to have them done soon. In the mean time, here is something to help kick-up the anticipation.

Liver Is Like Doggy Crack!
Try These On For Size