With the craft table out I decided to make a large batch of the new belly bands I made prototypes of last year. I can tell you that our own Chihuahuas have tested these out over the last several months and that are the perfect solution for many with marking males.

My original belly bands are of quilted cotton fabric and are designed to be used with a panty liner or maxi pad. Used by countless breeders in the state of Florida, they have been a tried and true favor for many. Trying to make a more “green” alternative, I was fascinated by the washable human baby diapers that are all the craze now. (It has been a very long time since I have needed baby diapers in this house!) Noting what types of fabrics are used by these crafters, I made some belly bands of these same products. Layers of terrycloth and PUL fabric, sandwiched in flannel in all of the same Toy Breed sizes, made for 100% washable belly bands.

While doing my prototype demos, I received some feedback and suggestions. One of those suggestions was to create a non-allinclusive version but one that included the lining layer to keep the bands dry while using a disposable hygiene product. I thought a layer of flannel as the lining would add additional absorption for any urine that seeped from the panty liner/maxi pad. This version is a little less bulky as the all-inclusive one.

Sewing away, I hope to have all three version available for purchase very soon!

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