The dynamics of every aspect of what I am about to share is amazing. We have a grand total of three intact males in our house. Add the fact that I have two in-season females as well and many of you out there know what could potentially happen. The girls are completely separated from the rest of the dogs but when males are intact and sense a female in heat, they can compete. Marking and showing dominance is a normal occurrence. Bringing Boomer into the pack at this exact time has had me on alert. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought things would play out like this….

No battling for the throne, no aggression, only playing! Yes! Boomer and Beamer play constantly! They instigate each other for play sessions, with Boomer even dragging toys out to entice his tiny buddy. They are both intact and both on the opposite ends of the size scale, Beamer is the tiniest male and of course, Boomer in the largest male. Boomer is a tad unaware of his size though and when pawing at Beamer, is leaning to be a bit softer. The entire process has been quite entertaining to watch . Now I am waiting for the cuddled up together napping moment. It’s too hot right now for that, but I see with the winter cool down, these two totally keeping each other warm!

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