The very much anticipated day has finally arrived! Rayna was able to have a friend of hers bring Boomer down to Jacksonville from South Carolina, saving us a trip to Georgia, the original planned location.  Thank you so much Valerie for making us a part of your trip to the great State of Florida!  And as we headed out for the northern half of the State, I don’t know if there was anything that could ease my daughter’s excitement besides laying her hands on Boomer. She has worked so hard to earn her share and to prepare for his arrival. She got his crate ready and loaded it in the car last night, she was so excited!

The look on Alexis’ face the moment she laid eyes on this happy-go-lucky bundle of love is priceless. Seriously! Look at her smile!!! I don’t think I have seen that smile since she was 4 years old and woke to find the Christmas tree filled with gifts. She is so unbelievably happy and now that we have finally met the man himself, I can tell you that Rayna’s description didn’t touch the surface on just how awesome Boomer is. Within seconds of meeting him, kisses were given and attachments were formed.

And once we got home, he immediately made himself at home and friends with Beamer. THis has got to be the easiest new-home transition ever! That means I am sportin’ a smile like Alexis did when we picked him up!

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