Barbie's Blue litter - 1 Week OldOur adorable shade of grey litter is one week old today and yes, they are still sport in’ those blue hues. As with all puppies, their colors change almost daily and this litter is no different. But they also each have a completely different coat thing going on. Our first boy is remaining dark blue but has a slight frosting to the tips. Boy two becoming more of a reddish chocolate with a totally blue hue. The third boy is going to be a blue sabled fawn for sure and our one and only girl? She is apparently keeping that dark blue but had her cream cheeks popping on through.

I really cannot wait to see how they all continue to develop and change. I can tell you they are all PORKERS!!! Barbie has got this whole mommy thing totally figured out. She is just like her own awesome mommy, Ginny in that department!

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