The puppies are 7 weeks old today and I can tell you that this past week has been filled with many playful sessions, giving us a rather clear picture of the unique personalities of each puppy in this litter. SO different are each and oh so fun. We have also made a decision to place the three boys into new forever homes. They each will be placed with a family that fits their special traits.

Spikage is the lover of the bunch. With his tender heart and cuddly soul, he is the tiniest of the boys and  would make a perfect snuggle buddy for a family without small children. Spikage is very small and requires a forever family that can see to the special needs of a small sized dog.

Then comes Skyy. He is the most beautiful shade of slate grey and striking blue eyes. He is a playful and sweet guy that would do wonderful in a family home, including one with other dogs. As you can see by the photo above, he LOVES to play with other dogs and show he likes to show his place in the pack. Yes, he IS doing what you think he is doing LOL! Bella is the best big sister on the planet and takes it all in stride. As much as he likes other dogs, humans are the best in his eyes because he loves to get belly rubs and give kisses.

Stoli is the ideal family puppy and would do fabulous with children. He loves to play with the kids but also loves to play with other dogs.  Adventurous and confident, he is a very loyal guy that would make a perfect new best friend to his future forever family.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the boys, please fill out our Puppy Application.

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