Bella is such a beautiful girl, giving us high hopes for another bred-by to be in the ring. Structurally speaking, her tail set and top line are to die for! And when it comes to confidence, here at the house, she is Best of Breed for sure. It’s the moment that she steps foot outside the doors of our home that the tails tucks between the legs and her beauty melts into a ball of nerves. Poor thing! As the saying goes… If the judge would come into my kitchen and watch her bait for scraps from the table, she would win hands down!

So, we are on a mission to boost this girl’s confidence up and get her to keep that head and tail up! We will be taking her everywhere, having any stranger willing hold her and then feed her treat as she stands on the ground. It’s all about more socialization. A Chihuahua can never have too much!

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