meetmargAfter the excitement of last weekend, our second show weekend with includes the honor of showing with Rayna, Boomer’s breeder. She came into town to participate in the West Volusia shows and the chance for her to watch Alexis and Boomer “do their thing” was just so cool! What an honor! And for her to see Boomer take breed? SOOOOOO AWESOME!!

After last weekend and learning from the fellow Pug breeders that they are trying to build majors, sharing this information with Rayna inspired and exciting plan.

She brought us a female named Margie for Alexis to show is breed through January, helping build this Majors. So Marg will be joining us for the rest of the day’s adventures – Right through to Groups – and then she gets to meet her new home for the next four months!



Boomer IS The Playground
Major Lesson Learned