Being only one win away from moving up to the Open class, it was exciting to have Rayna ring-side to watch the possible win this afternoon. We all watched with bated breath as she knocked it out of the park – that was until the final walk around the ring and her final placement on the mat – Smack-dab behind the table! We all then sighed and smiled. This was a first experience for her and will soon be a major lesson learned. She walked out of the ring with her second place ribbon and a smile. and then asked what she did wrong.

You see, she is used to being alone in the ring. Remember? She never seems to have competition? And when she is in for Best Junior, she is usually at the very end of the line, nowhere near the table. She just knew to lineup behind the person in front of her, leaving enough space for them. Never have we ever had to explain being blocked by the table. We actually wrath the judge to wait to see if lexis repositioned herself but when she didn’t, the second place was solid. Once we explained of this to Alexis, she understood it clearly – So it is now a a true lesson!

So Exciting
All-Breed Groups Ring