We kicked off the morning of day two here in Brooksville the same as on day one – With the help of another Junior, we again owned the Pug ring. We learned that Boomer should remain with Alexis and all he did was look for her while int he ring with Cole and Marg took breed for the second day in a row. GO MARG!!!

There was no Owner-Handler today so there was only one “groups” ring to visit, where again, the team of Alexis and Marg did their awesome thing. It was in  the Juniors ring that our day’s twist came to be – Alexis listened to all of our advice!!!

Not only did she never stop showing Boomer while in the ring, she was rewarded with a 2nd place ribbon and joined the ranks with her friend Rachel in receiving a ribbon! Rachel got not only the 1st in the Open class but also Best Junior Handler! SOOO COOL!!


Quite The Way To End The Day!
No Quite Right