I have been asked by several people how I am able to tell the diffeent between the puppies since they are all white and all about the same size. Well, besides the fact that four have a penis and two do not, it’s all in the girly fun nail polish. Way back when, I gathered 8 different colors of  nail polish, anticipating this very dilemma. Interestingly enough, in seven years I have only had to pull them out once and it wasn’t even for one of my litters! Per AKC, we need to have each puppy marked. Many use different colored ribbons, yarns or collars. We are dealing with 3 and 4 ounce puppies – Major difference to many. The nail polish applied to the nails of the puppy’s right rear foot is my system and it works very well.

The puppies' colors are already changingNow, I should also note that the older the puppies get, the darker their coat color ill become. Barbie’ fawn ears didn’t appear until she was close to 6 weeks of age. Since there are very rarely all white Chihuahuas, cream or fawn will appear on them somewhere. At day three, you ca see the cream areas starting to appear on some of their heads. Look close and you will see it – It’s there. The older then get the more “individual” they will become and the nail polish won’t be as significant.



Dry and Warm and Very White
Dew Day