I  decided that it is time to share something unique about our little boy named Under The Mistletoe – and why his call name is “Toeby”….

Mistletoe's foot at 1 weekWhen each puppy is born certain things are done to help make their entry into the world a lot more pleasant. One of those tasks is to do a full body check. We mostly check for cleft palates and such so when I made the discovery that I did, I was a bit taken aback. I noted when the third puppy in the litter arrived that he only had one complete toe on his right rear foot. The pad is complete, but only one toe and nail developed.

We have documented and watched his development and our assumptions have been confirmed. His birth defect in no way, shape or form effect his ability to get around. Honestly, unless you knew of his missing digits you couldn’t tell. He runs, jumps and plays – Even on our new, more slippery flooring – Without missing a beat. Soooooo, we call him Toeby, with a registered name of Under The Mistletoe, to capture not only his holiday arrival but also his unique trait!

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