So if you ever watched a dog show and thought “That’s so easy! I can do that”, I dare you to try. Get a show lead, put it around your dog’s neck and have it walk with it’s tail and head up and then stop on a dime and look up to showoff it’s expression. I haven’t even gotten to the table work yet! With all of that being said, if you have been reading with our blog, you know we have spent a month working on catching Tipsy up on her ring training. It’s been a slow process but definitely paying off. She is walking on a lead! That’s huge!

I am now working on her tail position. She is finally walking with it out from between her legs but its not “UP” up when I am walking her alone. It’s more like out/up. We need tomcat a tail-wagging, happy experience. To help, everyone in the family is working on helping her latest training sessions. We all hold food up and don’t give her the bait until her tail is up, preferably wagging too. She does it no problem when there are other dogs around,just to when she is alone. The same with getting her to look UP at the bait. We are bound and determined though – It will happen!


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