We have made amazing progress with Tipsy and her walking on a lead but she is still not showing the confidence that we would like.  With confidence comes a happy waggy tail. We haven’t even had a tail raised! We also still have some stops and starts and I know it all stems from her lack confidence.

So it was suggested by my friend Sandy at Kesabrey Chihuahuas that we work on training her with another dog that walks confidently. Little did I know that tis one suggestion would change EVERYTHING and change everything very quickly too!

I suggested that Alexis give it a go with KC. She rocks the confidence when we train at home so she would be the best choice for our little experiment. With both leads in her let hand around the cul-de-sac they went and I swear, by the halfway mark, Tipsy’s tail was up and wagging! It was a miracle! Thank you Sandy! You saved the day – and inspired us to do the same with the puppies!

Aunt KC Is Da Bomb
Gotta Find What Works