KC is not one to seek out the puppies to play with them. She prefers to stay up on the couch and as unreachable by the little ones as possible. Tonight, I kept Olive out of the pen for a bit longer so that she could play with Beamer and suddenly, KC begged to get down off the couch and join in.

After years of snarling off puppies, she engaged with Olive immediately, while fending off her normal playmate, Beamer. It was absolutely adorable to watch, her pawing and instigating the fun. Olive was enthralled and loved all of the attention from both KC and Beamer.

I am sure what I witnessed tonight was even more proof that Olive is  a very special girl – KC is special alone her own but to note the special needs of our newest addition adds to my adoration of her. Of them both!

Our Tiny 8 Weeker!
Training in Pairs