What a huge couple of accomplishments! Not only did Olive make it to the tender age of  8 weeks and she also made it up to 13.8 ounces. 53 days ago, I never would have imagined this day with such joy. There were some questionable days there for sure and to know we beefed her up with a gain of three ounces this week tells me that Olive is going to be just fine.

Olive with DocAnd now that Doc has seen her in person, we can rule  out my hydrocephalus concerns. YAHOO!!  The jury is sill out but everyone is still leaning on the fact that Olive is simply a tiny Chihuahua. So tiny that she still can’t receive her first set of vaccines. The plan is to wait a few more weeks to start the process and we also will wait to rule out the next possible issue with Olive – We will have her tested for a liver shunt. And yes, once we rule that out, our assumption of tininess will rule!

First Big Adventure!
Aunt KC Is Da Bomb