We have an old wicker log basket that has been used to house dog toys for several years. Part of my nightly ritual includes gathering up all of the toys that are spread all over the living room and put them back into the basket. As much as all of the dogs enjoy the plethora of dogs toys that we own, it’s Smoochie that runs to that basket several times to day to hand-pick her playthings from the pile. On any given day, she might have spread a total of 20 toys throughout the room.

toy-theif1When we worked on our flooring project, I placed the basket on top of the other log holder (an iron one) to make more room on the hearth. The basket of toys was the last thing on my mind when we put the room back together but it did confuzzle me to be back to picking up toys Saturday night since the basket was so high up off the ground. Was it Smoochie? And if so, how was she reaching them? That sneaky little minx!

Apparently, she would only do it when she thought we weren’t watching. And it was when I just so happen to walk into the room to get to the laundry room that I saw her slink away from the fireplace like a fox.  I then had to hide in the laundry rom to be able to watch her do her thing. IT all starts by her looking around to see if anyone can see her. YES! She is actually looking around and stops the moment a human approaches or os watching her!  She then bites down on a tip of a toy and slowly pulls it from the basket into the hearth. From there, still in her stealth-mode, she drags the toy to the nearest dog bed. Some she has even pushed into the creases.

You have no idea how difficult it was to get a photo of her in action. I am talking several attempts spanning over several hours today. The above is the best I got! She’s Amazing! Forget Cat-Burglar – she’s a CHI-Burglar!

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