Today was the TBCC Spring B Match and all-in-all it turned out to be quite the fun filled day! We had some last minute changes to the family schedules so we had to bring Olive along to insure that she ate throughout the day. She has been trying out the whole kibble thing but not really filling herself with it so we still need to do the moist mush feedings. I am proud to share that she did a fabulous job on her first adventure and so was lovingly passed around to short bouts of socialization and love of course. She did such a great job!

We also brought Ty, Milly and Sweetie for their first outside socialization adventure and they too did a fabulous job! held and passed around by many, they were real troopers and took in all of the fun like they had been to show events their entire lives!

TBCC Spring 2015 B MatchSo who participated in the actual event? Well I intended on entering Tipsy but to help increase the numbers for the club, I entered Smoochie at the last minute. She was brought along initially just for the socialization but into the ring she went. She walked initially but then slammed on the breaks when they approached the table. Last year she was the belle of the ball – this year not so much.  This poor girl has been through so much – Some things we may never know exactly – So to see her fear strangers in such a strong way, I now know we will not put her through such events ever again. Poor baby! And thank you Darius for your amazing patience and professionalism!

TBCC Spring 2015 B MatchTipsy on the other hand took her first show event on with more confidence than I imaged she could. She started off rough but ended with somewhat of  a walk around the ring and was PERECT on the table! Our working with her has paid off for sure! 15 minutes a day on the lead and she’s not a statue on the lead!!

I also got a bit of ring time, helping Sandy in the ring for the Open Bitches class. Wow! It’s been way too long since I have been in the ring. I actually had to stop and think about which hand I was holding the lead in. I did realize that I do miss the ring! Maybe I should “take the lead” on the training Tipsy and make her my project for the year!


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