Darius is – hands down – my all time favorite person to go to for puppy evaluations. When you breed for the show ring, finding someone to give you an unbiased evaluation is a must. Emotional attachment can be your worst enemy and kennel blindness can kill your line (and your reputation). Since Darius was the judge for today’s match, having him check out my “picks” of the litter was the plan.

Rita and I did evaluations back when they were 5 weeks old. I did them again at 8 weeks of age (the ideal age per The Hasting’s Approach) Both evaluations came to the same results. So when I pulled the puppies out for Darius to do his things, it caught the attention of several, all coming to the same conclusion.

Ty and Milly are the male and female picks of the litter. Since we retired Teddy the ideal of holding a male back is in he forefront and of course, Milly will also remain as a potentially future champion and future mommy in our program. I am a very visual person and no matter how many books I read, I need the facts pointed out to me. There is no perfect dog and I know the faults that I see in the puppies – they each have their own – but having it explained in detail, with suggestions in how to correct tor at the least, improve those imperfections  – PRICELESS! Thank you so much Darius and Lana! Your advice was perfect! I need to work on strengthening the rear on Ty and to keep an eye on Milly’s puppy chub.

Sweetie Going Home with RitaSweetie was third in the pick from the total litter of six and since she knows the lines inside and out, Rita selected her to add to her program! Her main “fault” was her self coloring and lack or typey headpiece. Very easy to work with when you have wonderful dog to pair her with and yes, even with those faults, she is very finish-able. I am so thrilled to be able to produce something for her to bring back into her amazing program!

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