If you are a show breeder, you will totally be shaking your head in agreement with this post. When I look at my Chihuahuas around the house, I am studying their structure, looking at top-lines, tail sets, rears and fronts as they wag their tails in pure joy and happiness. This happens most frequently in the kitchen – specifically when there is food being prepared or eaten. Like an amazing show dog standing at attention for the anticipated taste of the bait, I have an entire house filled with Grand Champion Chihuahuas! And as the saying goes… If the judge was standing in my kitchen, we’d win Best in Show!

Beamer looks great at home!This brings me to Beamer. He is the happy-go-luckiest-most-tail-wagginist Chihuahua on the planet who just so happens to have a crappy tail-set. He has a beautiful top line – AT HOME!  Look at this photo of him looking out into the backyard!

The moment we get to a dog show – Specifically in the show ring, he becomes a roachy ball of nerves. So, are there any judges out there that want to come over to my house? My hubby is an amazing cook and I promise a 5 star dinner after we earn our rosette 😉

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