After pottying all of the dogs, exploring Pioneer Park and eating some snacks, we all decided it was just TOO hot to do anything but live in the car with the A/C running,  from about 11 am until 2 pm. I can tell you that the next time we show at this venue, we will get a hole room, even if it is for us to use for just during the day! I have now learned that while the Ocala and Brooksville shows can be very cold, Zolfo can get hot – VERY HOT! And with a brachycephalic breed like a Pug, the heat is not a good thing. Ice packs, cooling jackets, water bottles and crate fans are a total must.

Juniors Zolfo Springs  - Boomer's Cooling Towel and Water BottleWithout any other access air conditioning than our car, we drove around for hours, trying to keep us all comfortable and cool. The Juniors’ ring time and the start of Groups was at the same time, 2:15pm.  In any other situation,we would have tried to make both rings and as the way things went, Alexis could have done both – Boomer wouldn’t have made it though. It was just TOO hot!

By 2pm the temperatures has risen to 92 degrees so we pulled up as close to the rings as we could and just before the open Intermediate class went into the ring, Alexis pulled Boomer out of the car. With a cooling towel and water bottle in hand, they waited their turn then walked in with pride. Even after such a long wait and hot temps, Boomer kicked right into show mode, feeling icky or not. Both did such a fabulous job and clearly the judge thought s to because they get 3rd place! All of the waiting was well worth it – They did AWESOME!!!!


Second Trip To The Ring Was A Success
We Love Boomer!