We have intently kept the pups away from Boomer for a few reasons. He is the sweetest dog on the planet but he is what I would call a “Baby Huey”. He trudges around without a care in the world, or sometimes remains more focused on the possibility of food than his surroundings. Young puppies are even less focused on their surroundings and when they are as tiny as Olive, one Boomer paw could send her across he room. The other puppies are a little more inclined to pay attention and are sturdier so I decided to give a play session a go.

As with many other experience in my life, I have come to realize I may have waited a tad longer than necessary because as he circled in his neurotic, pacey way, they just climbed on him as if he was a moving jungle gym. And Boomer loves the puppies something fierce! He ADORES THEM! Honestly, enjoying them playing on him was the sweetest thing ever to watch and to see him turn into a gentle giant was priceless!


Backyard Dash
All Four With Mom