Olive’s tiny size has delayed many of the milestones that our puppies reach by her age. By 14 weeks of age, all three sets of vaccines being given, entire afternoons out of the playpen, eating on a schedule instead of free feeding and of course, play session outside are normally checked off the list. Olive is so tiny that just the main step out onto the back deck is a doozy for her.

Getting her to take that step has taken over a week. Yesterday she stepped out and explored the deck. Today I decided to bring her down off  of the deck and into the yard for her to explore even further. There is NO way she will be able to do those steps for a while, but us bringing her down is oh so worth it. She had a BLAST! Olive ran around like a wildly happy banshee, chasing her tail, her playpen-mates and any other thing she happened to see move. The feeling of the wind in her ear fringe and the grass between her toes clearly made her the happiest pup on the planet!

Sweetie Is Back
We Love Boomer!