When you are a show breeder or ANY breed of dog, growing out a puppy out is a must! Per The Hastings approach to evaluating the structure of puppies, 8 weeks is the prime age to get a sneak peek at how the puppy will develop into adults. It’s not a 100% science but generally asking, its pretty darn close! So when you have a litter of long coats that are smack-dab in the middle of their puppy uglies, thinking back to those 8 week evaluations is what gets you through. That is until you have a bite go off to a degree that coming back to level is just not in the cards.

That is exactly what has happened with Sweetie. She has developed an underbite that would most definitely be seen as a fault in the show ring and would be reproduced and remain within the line for several generations if she was bred. With that being said, the decision was made for Sweetie to be placed into a loving pet home where her absolutely amazing temperament can be adored by her new forever family. She came home with us yesterday and after a full 24 hours back with her littermate, it’s like she never left. So if you are looking to add a fun loving and sweet puppy to your family, be sure to contact us for more information on Sweetie.

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