Sets of vaccinations that is!

Coquito Visiting the VetCoquito, Ty and Milly received their third and final set of puppy vaccinations today and they all did fabulous! Not a single whine or whimper through all of the poking and prodding. I think if my back was turned that Coquito might not have made his way back into the doggy carrier to come home – He stole hearts big time!

And after a very thorough examination, Doc believes Olive might have strained her neck as apposed to bonking her head, which makes a heck of a lot of sense. She officially is large enough to receive her first set of puppy vaccines – YAHOO!!!!! But her visit to see Doc didn’t stop there… His gut keep telling him that Olive is just a tiny Chihuahua – but to rule things out, blood was drawn to do a thyroid test. We should get he results in a couple of days. Until then, we are just so happy that she is doing so well!


Much Better
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