Normally our pups would be exposed to the backyard well before they are 15 weeks  – Usually after they have had their second set of vaccines.  Because they “live” with Olive and she hadn’t had any,  I held off until she had her first set.

Their first backyard adventure  - Mommy watchingPuppies experiencing grass – and playing in it – is hands down, one of the best socialization experience to witness. They run and romp and play like nothing you have ever seen before. IT’S ADORABLE!!! I am here to tell you, we were not disappointed in Conquito, Ty and Milly’s first backyard adventure.

And Barbie was equally as adorable – She watched from up on the deck as Smoochie and Tipsy did their best to teach them the ways of the yard – But I am here to tell you, those three little blurs were VERY hard to keep up with!




Tips Is Such A Tease!
It Just Won't Stop