As we gear up to head out to another dog show this weekend, I am here to tell you that we have been working every day with our two young hopefuls, praying we don’t have the issues we have with Tipsy! Starting lead breaking and socializing the puppies as early as possible is the key and with these two, we started at the age of 6 weeks.

They may be littermate but they are also polar opposites. Milly is as happy go lucky as they come and walks willingly on ht lead like she was born with it around her neck. She is doing fabulous on the self stacking and is very attentive and eager to please. We just need to work on getting that tail up.

Lead Training Ty at 16 WeeksTy on the other hand turns into a screaming banshee! He will try to crawl up my leg or crawl under the nearest piece of furniture to hide. No squeaky dog toy or piece of bait seems to get him to look past the fact that there is something around his neck. Looks like a lead attached around his neck all day long is what will be the next plan of attack!


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