We had our TBCC meting this afternoon and one of the topics was one that no one WANTS to think about but all must no matter what. Preparing for accidents and emergencies with our dogs. Mostly in regards to auto accidents.

Chihuahuas make perfect travel companions – A reason many people make them pat of their families. But when we travel with our dogs, we often times do not think about their safety like we do of our own. Seat belts and restraints for dogs are the last thing on one’s mind. When you see one of those videos of a dog flying about in an accident simulation, you realize immediately that roaming the car while on the road is nothing but deadly for our canine companions.

If you have a couple of dogs in tow with you, then it is recommended that you keep them in a crate while traveling and for that crate to be place on the floor behind the driver and/or passenger seats. In our case, we are traveling with more dogs than “behind seat room”, so for us, our crew travels in carrier crates.

Now in addition to how the dogs travel, the topic from today was what happens if the “worst case scenario” happens and you are involved in a car accident with your dogs in your vehicle?

Having our dogs restrained will help keep them safe both during the incident and after. One too many times, dogs have been seen running from the accident scene, often times, never to be seen again. Other times, the humans are incapacitated or unable to give instructions on handle their dogs. This is when local Animal Control in contacted to remove the animals from the scene. This exact scenario was discussed and a solution was explained with great appreciation.

It is suggested that you have the following information in the glove compartment of your car s well as attached to each crate.

  • A paper copy of your dog’s vaccination records as well as any special medical needs
  • Color photo of your dog and their microchip number & information.
  • Your veterinarian’s phone number and at a minimum, two emergency contacts.

Most importantly, you must state you do NOT wish for them to be taken to a shelter, ideally having them stay with you until your emergency contact can come and retrieve them.

At a minimum, the following example is used – AS A MINIMUM – by those in the dog fancy and who have with multiple dogs. Feel free to use it to print a document or you can even have it engraved onto a crate tag.  In the meantime, I will be working on creating an ICE (In Case of Emergency) kit for my vehicle and dogs and once I  have it all figured out yo have to know I will share!



In the event that I am incapacitated and unable to make my requests known regarding my dogs, please honor the following requests:

Please notify (name) at (telephone numbers) as soon as possible.  If he/she can not be reached, contact (name) at(telephone numbers).  If he/she cannot be reached, contact (more names and telephones numbers).


If the dogs are not injured, they are to be cared for by one of the above parties or by the nearest reputable boarding kennel and be kept in the best possible manner until arrangements can be made to get them home.

If the dogs are injured, they are to be cared for by the nearest reputable veterinarian. I prefer my veterinarian (name) be contacted at (telephone umber) regarding decisions on the dogs care and treatment.

If the dog is injured BEYOND ALL HOPE of recovery, as attested by a certified veterinarian, they are to be humanely euthanized.

My dogs may be identified by microchip (number).


Your Name (print)



Telephone Number


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