Today was our second session of Conformation Classes with Jen and yet again, the girls learned more unique tips to help them in the ring.

Alexis got to work on her table presentation, bringing that hand up onto the lead and not into a ball, right behind Boomer’s head. It is a much more delicate presentation and allows for her to have a free hand to curl that tail up onto his back too. She also learned how to move with the judge and to make it look effortless. SO COOL!

Breanna learned some “Beamer-Specific” techniques to help present him in the best light. Pulling up on the lead, ever so slightly, and walking a tad slower, helps keep his front end movement much more fluid. That and the chicken bait will get his undivided attention!

Both girls have a hard time with an “imaginary straight line”. They struggle to keep themselves in a straight line walking away from the judge without the use of mats to guide them. Teaching them how to create visual lines took a large chuck of the morning’s lessons. This is a skill they will definitely need when at Ocala and Brooksville shows! Keeping the DOG in front of the judge could make or break or a placement in Juniors!

Private lessons with JenJen is such a wealth of knowledge and to watch her teach the girls is so inspiring. So much so that I pulled little Miss Tipsy out to get me some one-on-one instructions because we ALL know I need some! Keeping calm and assertive with Tipsy is the key and with Jen’s guidance, I too was able to present Tips on the table with one hand on the led ABOVE her head and the other on her tail – WITHOUT A GROWL OR SNIP!!! Miracle – complete miracle! But I do need to work with her every day on the table and on my attitude too!



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