We brought Beamer with us to the show last weekend to get his patella’s and heart evacuated (which he cleared perfectly by the way) and while there, we were questioned as to why he is not being shown. Initially, we pulled him from the show circuit because he was very immature physically and emotionally too. I suppose he “grew up” without us taking note because those that haven’t seen him over the last 8 months since his last entry noticed the changes immediately. He was walked, stacked, poked and prodded, all resulting with suggestion to get him back into the ring as he is totally finighable now that he has filled out. With that being said, we had to get a lead back on him and walk him.

It wasn’t that hard for him to kick back into dog show gear. He pranced like the world was rooting him on and clearly seemed to be enjoying the extra attention. Obviously, not only did he fill out physically but his self-confidence is bursting at the seams with that lead around his neck! You go Beamer!

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