Milly is a lover of all things edible  – and some non-edible too! She is tinkering that 6 pound mark thanks to some love-handles and puppy chucks. She is not a sedentary pup by any means – The exact opposite actually. So that means, from this day forward, SHE’S ON A DIET!!!!

Here’s the first secret to putting your Chihuahua on a diet – Limit how much you feed them!

Generally speaking, when feeding your dogs kibble, the amount you feed a 5 pound dog is 1/4 cup day. We feed our dogs twice a day. Splitting that 1/4 cup into two separate feedings looks so pathetic! Seriously! But honestly, for you dogs safety and health, thats all they should be fed!!! Trust me!

That’s the calculation we use to feed our dogs but we do have a few grazers an Milly has become one. She finished her bowl and then nonchalantly moves onto a buddy’s bowl, and then again on to another. So we have separated her to stop the grazing. Now let’s hope we reduce the chunks.

They Made It!