I knew that we were going to have puppies today when around lunch time, Barbie stood at the gate to get upstairs. The look on her face was a familiar one – Calm and cool, she was telling me, it’s time!

She spent the the day in the comforts of her private “birthing suite” but also enjoyed the one-in-one time she and I got to have. (I got a lot of Candy Crush time in too!) The nesting started to kick in around 5:00 pm and by 9:30 pm she has started to push.

In true Barbie form, it only took an hour to get this started from there, with the first two boys literally arriving mere seconds apart. Not only did they come intuit he world together, they both also have very unique markings. They are not just spotted – they are COW spotted! They are also tri-c0lolors, with their fawn clearly on their cheeks.

The third puppy, another boy, arrived 30 minutes later. He is smaller than the first two, but what. His color will change soon enough but for the time being, he’s all white. 15 minutes later, our fourth boy arrived. He is more of a shade of cream, with tipped ears. I am sure he will mature to a beautiful fawn color.

The fifth and sixth puppies arrived like the first two. Their grand entrance was 5 minutes apart the fifth was last boy in the litter and he is also a light shade of cream and our final puppy is out only girl. The smallest of the litter so far and she too is all white (for the time being).

Mom and puppies are all doing great and have been tucked in for the night. All of the puppies are nursing and warmed up and dry. Another successful whelping for our sweet girl – the most amazing mommy in the world!



They Look Like Chihuahuas!
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