We all had a craving for Krystal sliders so we headed on into the drive-thru and an order was placed for a sackful. Dude came along for the drive and as a one that normally barks at any movements let lone person in sight, he didn’t let out a peep while we waited. Instead, he watched silently – and patiently  while they made our order. Watching and waiting, and licking his chops.

The window was so close that he could have easily jumped right in when they opened it up. Just to be sure, we held onto tight to his hind leg to keep that from happening.  When we pull out with our Sackful, we realized they had a special on “pups”? Have no idea what a pup is but we didn’t need one. We have a couple of our own back home.

And inches you wondered,  yes, we did end up giving him a slider once we got home – He was so good – He earned it!


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