I know I have been singing the praises of Merrick for a while now but I am here to tell you – I am thrilled with the results of using this food! I officially moved all but my lactating moms and puppies off of poultry – Keeping everyone else on Beef and Buffalo. WOW! The difference is amazing! And their coats are to die for!

We keep a few of our Chihuahuas on a mix of kibble and moist since they seem to be on the thinner side. Olive, Beamer, Dewey and Smoochie get this mixture and I usually use the Wilderness Blend,  Wild Buffalo Grill, Cowboy Cookout or Chunky Big Steak Tips.

Today I popped into the PetCo and honestly got all giddy when I saw they had the season foods out. YAHOOO! My sweeties will get a special treat this month!

Surf N Turf USA and Star Spangled Supper (they also had Summer Lovin Stew but it has chicken) I can’t seem to find them online anywhere so be sure to check out your local stores and spoil your lap lovers too!

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