Beamer buddy, you are about to have the BEST LIFE EVER!

And I don’t know who is more excited! Seriously! It has been a day we have been waiting for now, for almost a year. We have known that when Beamer was retired from our program, he was going to live up in Rhode Island with Paul and Jane – and of course, Huggie and Kiki too. 

When they got to the house today, I swear, he barked with excitement and his tail went into double speed. Beamer clearly remembered their visit over the summer and maybe even understood why they were back? I can tell you that his excitement never ceased , even while they visited with Olive again, along with meeting Beamer’s oldest sons.

It’s so awesome to see them – any time spent with Jane and Paul is a gift – And knowing they now have Beamer in their family makes me the happiest woman on the planet! Congrats to you ALL!

Meeting Their Daddy
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