When I got word that Jane and Paul were coming back down to the Sunshine State and wanted to visit with us as well as the always amazing Beamer, I was behind elated. I have always know that when it comes time to retire Beamer, that he would be going to live the them. Our version 2.0 of Huggie, it only made sense to offer them the chance add him to their clan. And I can tell you that once they got to see him in person, the plan was confirmed, he will in fact retire with his uncle Huggie.

Visit from Jane & PaulAnd with new visitors at the house comes socialization of any puppy under the roof – From our oldest pup Tipsy to our youngest, Olive. Who wouldn’t want to take in a lil bit of our lil bit? It’s all good because she LOVES all of the attention.

To top it all off, they came bearing gifts and that were so thoughtful and greatly appreciated. First, this very special bracelet for Alexis by a local company Alex and Ani. Love, love LOVE the them and message behind this special Paw Print theme. Alexis was so excited to have something pretty to wear at dog events and she immediately put it on. I think I may have to force her to take it off!

The dogs were also treated – literally! Jane shared her latest find, Good Dog treats by Sojos. Not only are they uber tiny and adorable but the dogs L O V E them! It’s hard to find a biscuit that this finicky bunch will like, let alone love. And to have them the tiny and portable is a major bonus  – Easy to stuff in your pocket to use for training.


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