Day two in Deland may have been minus Georgie but it was plus a major accomplishment. Tipsy got 2nd place.And when I say 2nd place, I mean against competition. Amazing right? I surly thought so. A tail half way up, a 2nd place ribbon and another heat all in one day.  And to top it all off, we have decided that since we cannot seem to get her coat to come in beyond where it is now, perhaps breeding her this go round might help.

Coat changes as well as a boost in confidence can happen after whelping a litter so Tipsy is going home with a friend to try for a breeding. If it takes, it will be a very exciting litter. Since Tipsy’s heat cycle is so odd, I really don’t know when she will be ovulating. She has been swollen for almost two weeks and just recently stopped spotting – Now’s the best time to give it a go. Keep your fingers crossed!

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