At dinner yesterday, we all discussed some of the tweaks that Alexis could make for her time in the ring today for Juniors. The tweaks were minor – no running, just pick up the speed a tad, to walk towards the center of the far mat, turn and self stack Boomer after her down and back,  and to no matter what the others were doing, still look back at the judge and smile. We also explained again the extent of  experience her completion has and to just go out there and have fun today. That’s what mattered the most.

Well I am here to tell you that she added each of the suggestions to her already rather polished presentation and those two were flawless! Seriously! FLAWLESS!!! And clearly the judge saw that. Alexis got second place out of five entries!!! THAT’S HUGE!! And so well deserved. She really did a fabulous job. Couldn’t be more proud of her!


TOTALLY Coming Back Next Year!