WOW! What a long but very exciting day. Today was the CCA’s Eukanuba Regional Speciality and I was knee deep in helping with the event. And it all kicked into gear at 9:00 am…

It all started with the Judges’ Education Seminar where they needed Chihuahuas for the hands-on portion of the training. I was able to gather 17 different Chihuahuas in both varieties and we all headed up to the meeting room prior to our Speciality.  I brought Georgie for the socialization and what could very well  be the best hands-on training for a puppy, ever! And I was so right! Her did FABULOUS!!! For being a 6 month old puppy, he showed amazing patience on the table. He even greeted some of the judges with a tail wag. We clearly still need to work on his walk on a lead – he doesn’t have the confidence we would like to see.  I am not too worried thought. The morning was only like his fourth time walking on a lead . He still has a lot of training time ahead of him.

After the Seminar, our Speciality started at 11:15 with the Sweepstake, followed immediately with the Juniors. Alexis has been so awesome working with Cinder and these two have become quite the oiled machine. In a short period of time, Cinder has grown very attached to Alexis  – Exactly what we need to have that fluid teamwork in the ring.

There were only two entered in that class and her competition is a very well known and very experienced Junior. The odds of Alexis winning were low. She even mentioned it! But she also said that wasn’t going to stop her from trying really hard and doing the best that she can. And she totally kept her word. She did awesome!

Cinder at one point got a little spooked in the ring and Alexis was able to quickly and calmly get her settled. She slowed her down a couple of times when Cinder was in groove but other than that, the did perfectly together! First in my book for sure. Thank you so much Sandy for giving her such an amazing opportunity to work with Cinder.

The rest of the Speciality was awesome to witness. The judge’s picks for best of variety was dead on. Great event to precede the Eukanuba Nationals tomorrow and the Meet the Breeds event over the weekend.



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