Time for us to set up the Meet the Breed booth for the Eukanuba Nationals weekend extravaganza! We have our Speciality tomorrow and Alexis was entered  in Juniors for the show this morning so we killed a few birds with one stone and packed up the car with our booth gear.

Unpacking it from the cars and dragging it in through the Convention Center took more time and energy than setting it up. Something we never could have done without the help of Alexis, Owen and Breanna! And with the tweaks that Barbara made to the booth from last year, I am here to tell you we have one awesomely amazing booth!

She added pieces to each side along with matching arch walkways to extend the background across the entire length of our booth. The walkways allowed for use t create a behind-the-scenes area for us to hide our stuff as well as give the dogs a quiet spot for breaks throughout the day. It’s going to be an amazing weekend!


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