What a way to end an amazing weekend!

It started yesterday with a large flow of people visiting our as at our Meet the Breed booth from even before opening hours. They never seemed stop and all wore a smile. Seriously EVERYONE!! I brought Georgie, Kenny, Toddy and KC (she gets every year) and they represented the breed almost all day Saturday (they each hd abut an hour break) and for the most part, giving kisses and tail wags. They were adored by all of our visitors.

tvcrewIt was around 12:30 in the afternoon that the FidoTV Channel set up their gear to do an interview with us (I volunteered Barbara…teeheee) I suppose if I was a gambling woman and not so wrapped up in the excitement would have realized this could have been the start to some amazing news later. When we got home Saturday I saw on they played the segment live at Groups that night. SO COOL!!!

It was today, after a full day of fun and excitement, sore feet from standing on hard concrete for hours, the huge amount of Chihuahua love in the entire building and about an hour and a half into our day two that they came by to award us with the Group 1 ribbon for the Toy Group booths. I think Barbara was actually glowing from all of the pride and excitement. A goal of hers met when we started way back, four years ago, running this booth.

It was when they returned 30 minutes later  – after handing out the rest of the ribbons – and awarded us with the Best in Show ribbon that  think my heart stopped. BEST IN SHOW!!! Crazy CRAZY cool! So honored and so excited to only represent two amazing breed clubs  (TBCC and CCA) but the entire Chihuahua breed! The backdrop and scene, handmade costumes, the slideshow, the puppies the visitors loved on and the volunteers are what made this all happen. Great team work and a anion for the Chihuahua. SO proud to be a part of it all



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