After Georgie’s harrowing experience only four days ago, I really want too sure what would transpire today. We entered him in the show for both weekends but getting him to be confident enough to walk on a lead or stand on a table was never a for sure. He was back to being his confident self in the house but at a show site? We had no idea. Then when we get here and it’s raining? Oh my word! I knew we weren’t going to coddle him because that would not be good for his mental heath. But I also know he is our little miracle dog and we are going to give him every chance possible.

We also thought it might be a good idea to have Alexis show him today since my nerves were shot. My worry over Georgie and then driving so early in such icky weather would totally roll right down the lead. And with all things considered, I think it was a success. Yes, he slithered across the mud and wet grass and he rolled into a ball on the table but HE DID IT! He made it around the ring and completed his first experience in the show ring – HUGE Win in my book!



Pugs with a Rainy Start
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